1st Introduction to Coding Workshop at CoWS, Sunday May 18th 1pm – 5pm FREE!

Who is this for?

Foremost we aim at beginners of all age and gender.
We encourage anyone with a curiosity about how computers and modern devices like smart-phones work to come along and explore the wonderful world of coding.

What you can expect:

  • a fun learning experience
  • beginner friendly
  • female friendly

The setup:

  • we use Clojure, a modern, functional programming language that is great for exploring the fundamentals of coding.
  • very hands-on: we explain a concept or coding idea, then you try it out
  • work in pairs: two minds, one keyboard and screen
  • initial session will be a half day / 4 hours
  • at CoWS in Bega
  • more sessions by popular demand
  • online support when you explore further on your own and have questions

Free event
Time: Sunday May 18th from 1pm till 5pm
Location: CoWS at 209 Carp St, Bega
Web: http://cowsnearthecoast.com.au/
Bring a laptop if you can, Windows, Mac and Linux are all fine (Java 6 or 7 is needed but we can help you set it up at the workshop)

Please sign up by sending an email to harry.binnendijk@gmail.com and tell us how many are in your party

Who we are:

Harry Binnendijk, Clojure developer

Liam O’Duibhir, Carsten Eckelmann, CoWS near the Coast

See you soon!