Sydney Business School Co-Working Report features CoWS Near The Coast

PHD Researcher, and regular visitor to the Bega Valley, Tim Mahlberg (, has co-authored a compelling ‘state of the nation’ report on coworking in this country entitled ‘Coworking Spaces Australia’.

The document is available to the public here (

The report is choc full of data-based determinations, anecdotes, insights and commentary on the diverse range of coworking spaces that have been springing up all over Australia for almost a decade now.

The team at CoWS Near The Coast are deeply honoured that Tim and his co-author, Kai Riemer, saw fit to feature CoWS as an archetype of ‘genus’ Townhall Terminal. They sum up one of the chief drivers behind our space very well when they say ‘ the locals are fiercely proud of what this space stands for: taking the local economy into their own hands and not waiting for government or corporates to lead the way’.

As the very first ‘hand-cranker in chief’ of the high profile NAB Village in Melbourne Docklands, Tim Mahlberg is one of the most qualified people in Australia to chronicle and comment on Coworking in this country. His strong links to the activator community, those poor burdened souls who do much of the heavy lifting to create the spaces, makes him a popular figure, keynote speaker, and frequent panellist at coworking events and activities in both regional and metropolitan areas nationwide.

Thanks Tim and Kai for the acknowledgement of CoWS Near The Coast, one of the first ever regional co-working spaces to be set up in Australia. We wish you every success in your future endeavours.




Regional Pitchfest Information Night at CoWS – Thurs April 27th at 6:30PM

Regional Pitchfest ImageA nationally significant StartUp pitching event visits Bega in a fortnight’s time, on April 27th. The Regional Pitchfest ( team, headed by Di Sommerville will present an information evening on the programme, and, for maximum fun, oversee some practice pitches on the night.
Pitches are only 1 minute long…so get practicing if you would like to do one on the night, or just rock up and pull one out of your proverbial there and then.
Please register here –
The competition has a finals event in Wagga in August.
Let us know if you are attending – we are expecting to have about 10 to 15 people pitching on the night.
 Please circulate this PDF Poster to anyone you may know – PF020 Workshop Poster A3 S2V1