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How I became A coder in a rural town.

This Blog series will follow my journey to became a coder in a small town called Bega. My name is Jorden Dakis,  I finished school in 2013 and at that time I didn’t have a clue on what I wanted to do! So I decided to get a job and save some money and give […]

Sydney Business School Co-Working Report features CoWS Near The Coast

PHD Researcher, and regular visitor to the Bega Valley, Tim Mahlberg (https://au.linkedin.com/in/timmahlberg), has co-authored a compelling ‘state of the nation’ report on coworking in this country entitled ‘Coworking Spaces Australia’. The document is available to the public here (http://sbi.sydney.edu.au/coworking-spaces-australia/) The report is choc full of data-based determinations, anecdotes, insights and commentary on the diverse range […]

Regional Pitchfest Information Night at CoWS – Thurs April 27th at 6:30PM

A nationally significant StartUp pitching event visits Bega in a fortnight’s time, on April 27th. The Regional Pitchfest (regionalpitchfest.com) team, headed by Di Sommerville will present an information evening on the programme, and, for maximum fun, oversee some practice pitches on the night. Pitches are only 1 minute long…so get practicing if you would like […]

CoWS Breakfast Event “The Twelve Skills of Christmas” (compered by Brendan Yell)

We are delighted to host Brendan Yell (http://www.linkedin.com/in/brendanyell) representing SoftLayer (an IBM company – http://www.softlayer.com/about-softlayer). Not only is Brendan sharing his insights and experience, SoftLayer provide a range of free introductory offers for Cloud Services to budding StartUps. Listen to Brendan’s radio interview recently in the Hunter Valley – https://soundcloud.com/1233newcastle/is-there-a-silicon-valley-in-the-hunter Format as follows : 08:30 AM Breakfast and […]

Bega High School Work Experience – A Load Balanced Web Server

This week we have been given the opportunity to conduct our work placement for I.T VET at 2pi Software. Within these days we have been able to set up a small web server running an Odroid as the master system, which had a load balancer installed, using Nginx, to evenly spread the traffic from incoming requests. […]

Cool Digital Music Demo and Project at upcoming coding night (Thurs 7th May)

The centrepiece of this upcoming coding night is an exciting project…and will be delivered by Steve Ryan. Please read Steve’s description below…it’s a terrific project….   Hey all, so having met Scratch for drag and drop programming I wanted an easy way to enter longer pieces of music as Scratch blocks so I could integrate animations […]

Look inside CoWS – thanks to Google’s ‘See Inside’

In another first for the Sapphire Coast, the team behind CoWS Near The Coast are delighted to be chosen as the first site in the region to benefit from the Google Inside treatment. Thanks to Chris Sheedy from Reflexe Content for his drive and energy in pushing this forward. Check it out :-