Kids Programming Night was a Great Success!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that there were 12 young people sitting here and soaking up Karl’s introduction to Scratch programming! After Karl’s demo there was some time to hack together some quick experiments and start on more interesting games.

Later in the evening Aurin showed how he navigates the multitude of radial menus to create and change games in Kodu, a really eye opening experience to some of us old geezers, but also very interesting to the kids. Karl commented that “Kodu is like Scratch on steroids!”

We were lucky to have Ben Smyth from the Bega District News shoot some really nice photos and write up a very positive article:

Chris Sheedy from EdgeFM was also around and took some very professional photos:

For all those who want to get into Scratch or Kodu programming, here are the links again to get started:

Please stay tuned for more events like this in the near future!