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Amazon Web Services Educator Leader Puay San - Alexa skills project

Submitted by 2piChris on June 20, 2018


Hey everyone, we have a big announcement! Next Thursday 28th June from 4: 30 pm until 5: 00 pm we have Puay San from Amazon arrive at 2pi Software CoWs (Co-working Space). She is a leader in the Amazon Web services (AWS) Educator program, she'll be here to teach us and the students more about AWS, Alexa and help out with any of the team of students ideas for a skill in the Alexa Skill Competition.

The competition, held by Amazon and 2pi Software, is about the Artificially Intelligent VUI (Voice User Interface) "Amazon Alexa"! We are getting as many Students as we can to gather teams.

A presentation was held by myself, Jorden Dakis, and local student Hunter De Jong, at the last Code Night at CoWs about the details of the competition as well as introductory information on Alexa Skills. The competition is focussed on building an agricultural themed application for the Alexa using the Alexa developer and other Amazon Web Services to create a skill over the next 3 months. The skill can be created in teams of 3 or less. We encourage any High School student who is interested to contact us at 2pi Software to get involved and get their team together! A great opportunity! Whoever develops the most creative skill wins an accommodated trip to Canberra's AWS summit, and other prizes yet to be announced.

Here at 2pi Software and CoWS Near The Coast Bega, we will be holding a support session every Friday from 3: 00 pm until 5: 00 pm where we can help out the students competing with any problems or with their ideas for the Alexa as well as interest them in what we have created. The first session is held this Friday the 22nd of June! Anyone is welcome to come so bring all your mates! Again 3: 00pm to 5: 00pm! Can't wait to see everyone and help with their ideas. This Friday is a good chance to get stuck into it so we can all be prepared for Thursday 28th of June when Puay San is here.

So form a team! Come to CoWs this Friday 22nd of June! Learn from Puay San next Thursday 28th of June! Win Prizes!! Can't wait to see you all and what you can create!

I'll be back to write about Puay San's visit and what the students learned.
Thank you, Jorden Dakis 2pi Software.