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Cool Digital Music Demo and Project at upcoming coding night (Thurs 7th May)

Submitted by 2piLiam on April 29, 2015

The centrepiece of this upcoming coding night is an exciting project...and will be delivered by Steve Ryan. Please read Steve's description's a terrific project....  

Hey all, so having met Scratch for drag and drop programming I wanted an easy way to enter longer pieces of music as Scratch blocks so I could integrate animations with the music. is a javascript app ( to help by taking abc notation, rendering as music notation and offering export to scratch blocks. describes the text based ABC format for writing music and provides heaps of examples.

I'm running a demo next coding night taking an ABC tune from the web, adding parts and animating it in Scratch. I've recently aquired a Lego EV3 and I'd love to connect scratch and coreograph dancing robots. I'm having trouble getting s2bot working to extend Scratch to provide EV3 blocks. Any experience out there?

Having had trouble with quicktime playback of midi, I've included a pure javascript midi playback solution using soundfont files. (currently broken but I have had it working - pull request on git anyone?). Scratch seems to do timing well when playing generated notes but not so well on the timing of playing back recorded sounds. Any experience?

If anyone is interested I'd like to arrange a Scratch band by combining a bunch of musical sprites into a composition. To get the ball rolling I'm calling for musical sprites

  • The must in the key of C so all the sprites overlay in harmony (more or less). Mostly this means that the sprites last musical note must be C.
  • The sprite must be 1,2,4,8 or 16 bars length.
  • The sprite must be categorised (in it's filename) as rhythm, bass, harmony and melody. Typically a melody part would be 16 bars.
  • The sprite must have costumes indicating active/inactive that are shown when the music starts/stops. More costumes or other animations throughout the musical fragment are encouraged.

For those with skills in music notation, another project could be a 12 bar blues.