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CoWS Breakfast Event "The Twelve Skills of Christmas" (compered by Brendan Yell)

Submitted by 2piLiam on December 8, 2015

We are delighted to host Brendan Yell ( representing SoftLayer (an IBM company - Not only is Brendan sharing his insights and experience, SoftLayer provide a range of free introductory offers for Cloud Services to budding StartUps.

Listen to Brendan's radio interview recently in the Hunter Valley -

Format as follows :

08:30 AM Breakfast and Networking

09:15 AM Brendan to compere...

  • The 12 skills of Christmas' - introduce the new batch of skilled by one...and they speak for 3 minutes...and perhaps, for another minute they field a question from the audience, or chat with Brendan

10:15 AM Quick break to refill people's coffees?

10:30 AM Brendan to deliver 30 mins 'How to run a startup from the regions - tips and tricks'

11:00 AM Brendan to live mentor 3 lucky people...we can organise them prior, or pick them from the audience.

11:30 AM More Networking

We are offering breakfast to the attendees (or at least the first 20 to register on Eventbrite)....

More details about are the details of his previous visit in August...

"How to be a Rockstar Founder"

Brendan Yell

Director, Community Development, SoftLayer


Mentor @ Muru-D, Amcomm Upstart, Slingshot, Jumpstart, TechBeach

After creating an online service for use of his friends at age 14, working at CompuServe at age 21, running Optus Interactive Strategy at age 25, then founding and lauching at age 27, there is not much Brendan Yell has not seen. In this talk, Brendan will walk you through some of his successes and failures as a founder, and teach you some key lessons to being a rockstar founder. He'll also relay some great stories of working with iconic rock band INXS, when he looked after their Internet strategy and digital rights.

Plus Intro to the SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program

Who qualifies?

What credits can I apply for?

How does the mentoring work?

Leveraging the global network