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Amazon Web Services Educator Leader Puay San - Alexa skills project

Submitted by 2piChris on June 20, 2018


Hey everyone, we have a big announcement! Next Thursday 28th June from 4: 30 pm until 5: 00 pm we have Puay San from Amazon arrive at 2pi Software CoWs (Co-working Space). She is a leader in the Amazon Web services (AWS) Educator program, she'll be here to teach us and the students more about AWS, Alexa and help out with any of the team of students ideas for a skill in the Alexa Skill Competition.

First regular Code Night next Thursday 5th February

Submitted by 2piCarsten on January 28, 2015

Regular coding nights at CoWS!

Every first Thursday of the month.

Date and Time: Thursday, 5th February, from 5pm to 8pm.

Location: CoWS near the Coast at 101 Carp St, Bega.

Format: have fun, code and meet people, share and get help with your ideas.

What to bring:

  • laptop, power supply!!
  • a snack and drink (NO alcohol)

What's the cost? It's FREE!


1st Introduction to Coding Workshop at CoWS, Sunday May 18th 1pm - 5pm FREE!

Submitted by 2piCarsten on May 2, 2014

Who is this for?

Foremost we aim at beginners of all age and gender. We encourage anyone with a curiosity about how computers and modern devices like smart-phones work to come along and explore the wonderful world of coding.

What you can expect:

  • a fun learning experience
  • beginner friendly
  • female friendly

The setup:


An evening of Scratch with the Sapphire Foundation

Submitted by 2piCarsten on May 2, 2014

Last Tuesday the CoWS was host to the first meeting of this year's Sapphire Foundation students and parents. To celebrate the occasion and technology, Karl was invited to lead another workshop about programming in Scratch. It was a fun and successful evening and one of the students said afterwards: "I learned more about programming in these 2 hours than in one whole term of computing at school."


Kids Programming Night was a Great Success!

Submitted by 2piCarsten on April 9, 2014

We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that there were 12 young people sitting here and soaking up Karl's introduction to Scratch programming! After Karl's demo there was some time to hack together some quick experiments and start on more interesting games.

Later in the evening Aurin showed how he navigates the multitude of radial menus to create and change games in Kodu, a really eye opening experience to some of us old geezers, but also very interesting to the kids. Karl commented that "Kodu is like Scratch on steroids!"


This Friday: Kids are programming at the CoWS

Submitted by 2piCarsten on April 1, 2014

Announcing a first programming workshop at the CoWS this Friday - for parents and children.

We will be looking at programming environments that are appealing to kids. The workshop will be led by Karl Auer.

When:  This Friday, 4 April 2014, 6pm

Where: At CoWS (209 Carp Street Bega), where else?

What:  A demo of the programming language/game Scratch (And maybe a demo of the Corona SDK for mobile development)

Who:   Karl Auer, Aurin Yang


Toastmasters in the House

Submitted by 2piCarsten on March 14, 2014

Announcing the Bega Toastmasters will be meeting next Tuesday 18th March, 5:30 pm at the CoWS.

Toastmaster meetings are a great place to practice and improve your public speaking skills in a safe and friendly environment.

The Bega Toastmasters Chapter is still very young, but has already been featured in the Bega district news: