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Amazon Web Services Educator Leader Puay San - Alexa skills project

Submitted by 2piChris on June 20, 2018


Hey everyone, we have a big announcement! Next Thursday 28th June from 4: 30 pm until 5: 00 pm we have Puay San from Amazon arrive at 2pi Software CoWs (Co-working Space). She is a leader in the Amazon Web services (AWS) Educator program, she'll be here to teach us and the students more about AWS, Alexa and help out with any of the team of students ideas for a skill in the Alexa Skill Competition.

CoWS on the Radio - Spectors of the Future

Submitted by 2piCarsten on March 25, 2014

Chris Sheedy hosts a weekly show at EdgeFM radio called "Spectors of the Future" in which he talks about technology among other exciting things.

Last week he interviewed Liam about our CoWS Near The Coast co-working space.

If you've missed it on the radio waves you can listen to the interview here: